About Us

training for el cap SICk is a family owned business that began because we were tired of not having nice climbing shirts. It seemed like all the big companies were only making generic outdoor themed shirts. Not to mention, those shirts fit and felt like a cardboard box.

training for el cap We began by making a few shirts just for us. Our friends liked them and wanted some for themselves. Then we realized that others were just as frustrated as us, so we decided to start SICk.

We wanted super comfy shirts with an athletic cut, and we wanted them to be made by companies with high ethical standards - meaning sweat shop free and child labor free. In stepped American Apparel and Next Level. It was a little more per shirt, but in the end it was worth it. We hope you like our clothing and gear as much as we have enjoyed the journey of getting it to you.

After climbing for years, we discovered skydiving. Again, we found that there weren't a lot of good lookin' skydiving shirts. So we started making our own. All of our skydiving artwork comes from our jumps and our fellow skydivers. We owe a dept to the great people who have mentored us at our home dropzone. Many of the photos we use as references for our drawings are taken by our Skydive Palatka mates. Thanks for playing in the sky with us and sharing your photographs!